How to return a personal loan? Ways to do it

We all have responsibilities, and sometimes these responsibilities become constant little worries throughout the day. When we owe money, whether to a lender, a friend, or family member, the most ethical thing would be to pay as soon as possible. And also the best decision, since in case of emergency, too many debts can put you in a precarious financial situation.

Paying on time and quickly avoid the accumulation of debts and their growth. As well as the constant worry of owing money to someone else. Many people tend to spend much more money than they have and this can lead to a vicious cycle of debts. If you want to know how to pay a loan quickly, here we explain how.

Benefits of paying a loan quickly

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Regardless of whether it is a personal or friend’s loan, this can bring many long and short term benefits.

  • Reduced interest: By reducing the extension of the loan, the interest rate applied to the total loan is reduced, and you could end up paying less than you expected.
  • Improved financial habits: Paying loans in a short time is not an easy task. In the process of adapting your income and lifestyle to this feat you will learn valuable financial habits that will help you in future situations.
  • A good credit history: A credit history plays an extremely important role when applying for a loan or applying for a credit card. This reflects your ability to pay debts on time. When paying a loan quickly, this will be positively reflected in your history.
  • Financial freedom: Once you have been able to repay a personal loan, you can use your money to improve your quality of life and grow financially. Already a part of your income is not intended to pay a loan.
  • You can save: In case of emergency or large purchases, you will no longer need to use loans to allow them. The necessary money can go directly from your savings account, and the best thing is that you don’t have to pay interest.

Ways to pay a loan efficiently

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Living a life without debt and economically healthy is one of the greatest benefits that anyone could enjoy. Follow these tips and you will see how little by little your debts are reduced.

From the smallest to the largest

If you have many accumulated debts, such as personal loans, mortgage loans, and credit card loans, always start with the smallest ones. Did you know that people tend to feel less stressed when the number of things to do is less? Once you have been able to pay a smaller loan, the rest will not look so intimidating.

Make weekly payments

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You do not have to wait until the date set to pay a loan. If the lender allows it, paying part of the amount established weekly or every two weeks can significantly reduce accrued interest, resulting in reduced debt.

Get some extra money

Whether making garage sales, selling used products or doing extra work in your spare time, additional income can help a lot when it comes to repaying a personal loan. You must configure your goal so that instead of looking for extra money to be able to afford daily expenses, you will be looking for it to pay off your loans. In this way all your net income would not go in payments.

Pay a loan with another loan

Pay a loan with another loan

There are many accessible loan options, some with more beneficial interests than others. Using a loan comparator, you can select the loan plan that best suits your needs. Once selected, you can use it to repay a personal loan already acquired, with the advantage that you will pay less interest (only if you choose a loan with a lower interest rate). Keep in mind that this is only possible if your credit history is good. Remember to keep your debts under control is the key to your peace of mind.