Differences between an online loan and a traditional loan

The differences between an online loan and a traditional loan will help you make the best decision! In this new digital and technological era, many markets have sought to evolve and offer improved products and services, and the financial sector is not far behind. Due to the emergence of needs and demands that the traditional sector cannot meet, many independent financial institutions have started offering online loans.

Knowing which of these services will benefit you most in your situation can be complicated. Here we tell you the differences between traditional and online loans so you can choose the most convenient one for your financial situation.

What is an online loan?

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Online loans emerged as an alternative to loans offered by traditional banks. They are loans presented by lending entities or institutions virtually. There are many types of online loans, some being as secure as a traditional loan as others not so much.

What is a traditional loan?

A traditional loan is a loan offered by a bank or physical entity backed by the government. Generally these loans are quite simple, with an established interest and payment term. These are more difficult to obtain in most cases.

How is an online loan and a traditional loan different?

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Now that we know what these loans are, we will take a closer look at their differences. Among the essential differences of these loans are:


As we mentioned, online loans operate mostly – although sometimes not exclusively – through an online platform available at all times. On the other hand, traditional loans are only offered by banks established in physical branches and you can go to them within working hours. When looking for an online lender, always verify its legitimacy.  

Search the internet and forums for information on the experience of other clients with their services, do not pay in advance and contact the institution directly before sending personal information. You can also access a traditional loan if you want something more reliable, but keep in mind that they are harder to get.

Online loans are easier to get

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Although in recent years the banks have lowered their guard, it is still very difficult and complicated to obtain a loan from a traditional entity, and the application process usually takes some time. In this aspect, an online loan is more convenient. Why? The application processes are faster, you can apply to them from the comfort of your home, your work, your bed, and the platform is available at any time of the day, even holidays.

More application flexibility

There is a reason why online loans are easier to obtain than a traditional loan. These loan alternatives emerged with the objective of offering accessible solutions that surpass the banks, therefore their requirements are not so demanding. They tend to be more flexible with credit histories and generally do not take into account other applications that you have made and are reflected in the history.

Interest and fees are different

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Here the battle stays a little tight. Because online lenders do not have to invest in maintaining a physical branch, they can afford to offer lower fees. But because they are less secure, and that the lender has no way to recover the money if you decide not to pay your debt, the interest is higher. If necessary, use a credit comparator to determine your best option.

Which is better?

Between a credit card, an online loan and a traditional loan, it all depends on your needs. If your loan is not approved by your bank of preference, then it is better to go for an online loan. Interest on credit cards is much higher and you will end up paying more in the long term.